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Trinity Learning Center has classes for children between the ages of 6 weeks and 11 years. After-school care is provided for children from kindergarten to 5th grade.


Transportation is provided by Trinity Treasures to and from several local elementary schools. Call for details.


We strive to maintain an optimum child-to-teacher ratio for each age level. Our ratios are lower than those of other child care centers in Boise. On occasion, due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, our ratios may be higher than we would like.


For more information on ratios, please read our Classes page.

Parent Handbook

For a complete and specific list of rules and regulations at Trinity Learning Center, please click on the link below to download our parent handbook.



Trinity Learning Center understands that children learn best when engaged in hands-on activities and experimenting. We also understand that children work at their individual pace. We encourage all children to participate. Most of the time, children are given choices and allowed to guide themselves into options that are comfortable for them.


We give priority to building each child's self-esteem through encouragement, reassurance, and teaching each child to see the value in themselves as individuals and as members of society.


We take pride in being an open child care center and preschool where parents are encouraged to participate and be a part of our team. Feel free to communicate concerns with your child's teachers or the Director at any time. The door is always open for you, and we welcome suggestions, comments, and ideas!

What's great about Trinity Learning Center?

31 years in operation

All-inclusive tuition

Christian values

Great child-to-teacher ratio

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Our child-to-teacher ratio is unmatched. We strive for small classroom sizes.

We teach children that they are important, special, and loved through Christ.

The cost of tuition covers field trips, 3 nutritious meals each day, activities, and more!

We've been laying an educational foundation for future generations for over 3 decades.

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